Our Story

How Praise point started...

Willshire United Brethren Church (1918-2002)
The Willshire United Brethren Church had its beginning in a brick church at the corner of State and South Streets. A Baptist congregation built this building in 1882, but by 1918 they were no longer using it. In April of 1918 a Lutheran congregation was holding Sunday evening services there when S. A. Macklin, a United Brethren preacher, secured permission to hold services in the building. The building was soon purchased from the Lutheran congregation for $600.

Zion United Brethren Church (1892-2002)
On October 15, 1892, Zion United Brethren in Christ church building was dedicated at “Winkler Corners” (the corner of Winkler Rd. and Wabash Rd.) by Bishop H.T. Barnaby. The church started with a Sunday School class that met in the old schoolhouse at “Winkler Corners” led by John L. Hileman, and G.H. Stetler was the Sunday School superintendent. In 1892, Rev. W.H. Conner held a long meeting that resulted in 28 converts. A building addition was made in 1954 for additional classrooms. In 1968, another building addition began, adding a new sanctuary and foyer. The first service in the new sanctuary was held on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1969. Following the completion of the new sanctuary, the old sanctuary was converted into a fellowship hall. In 1976, the church purchased an old farm house and remodeled it for a church parsonage.
Fresh Vision: Praise Point (January 1, 2006 – Present)
The first worship service at Praise Point was held on January 1, 2006 under the leadership of Pastor Mark Rutledge. While the total cost of the building and contents at that time was $1,671,227.21, the church only had to take a loan out for $340,000 which was paid off in late 2016, only 10 years after the facility was opened. Since the original building was built, the church has added more acreage and a garage with a pavilion. What began with two churches has continually grown, all credit is for God’s glory!

Expanding the vision...

Combined Mission: Willshire/Zion (2002-2005)
For decades throughout their history, Willshire UB and Zion UB shared the same pastor. They were placed on a circuit off and on beginning in 1946. In the early 2000’s, Willshire and Zion became very intentional with their shared ministry. On March 3, 2002, both congregations voted to merge Zion and Willshire. It passed with Zion 75% in favor and Willshire 80% in favor. Beginning on September 8, 2002, both churches began worshipping together, one month at Zion’s building then the next month at Willshire’s building, alternating until the sale of Zion’s building. To celebrate this new beginning, a tent service was held on September 1, 2002. Being blessed by two generous donations, in early spring of 2003 Willshire/Zion purchased 7 acres and broke ground for the new building on May 23, 2004.

Where we are headed...

Today, the purpose of Praise Point is to make disciples, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. That purpose is lived out by 3 T’s: Teaching the Scripture, Training in Righteousness, leading to Transformation of the heart by God’s Spirit. What will God do next? How will God continue to draw glory to Himself? Our joy is finding out how to join Him in what He is doing.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am